Your business will be more efficient with our tailored software

Don’t stunt your innovation & growth by relying on commercial off-the-shelf packages such as Sage, Sales Force & Microsoft Office which

  • Weren’t written for your unique business and won’t adapt to future needs
  • Force you to compromise your unique way of working to suit them
  • You don’t own or control
  • Force you to pay an on-going licence fee
  • Have too many features you will never use
  • Are missing key features that you need
  • Artificially limit maximum user numbers
  • Do not share a common database
  • Prevent you from adapting the code to suit your business
  • Could compromise security because you can’t see what the code does

Don’t be mislead by sales people who tell you your small business can’t afford bespoke software. On the contrary, your future success may depend on it.

Are these problems familiar?

  • Over-dependence on key staff who are the only people that know certain procedures
  • Time is wasted on repetitive tasks that should be automatic and instant such as sending out standard emails
  • You can’t offer your customers an internet “client portal” that would enhance your engagement with them and give an edge over your competitors.
  • Staff can’t do their job outside the office: Access to IT resources isn’t possible from remote locations.
  • You don’t communicate with customers in a consistent way: Standard template emails are not automatically triggered as events occur. E.g. Order confirmation, or a desired product coming into stock.
  • Costly human errors occur because business processes are not automated and easy to follow
  • You are not in full control of the business: You can’t readily view processes and intervene in time to head-off problems
  • Valuable information isn’t secure: It is easy for staff to make unauthorised copies & you can’t restrict access by role
  • Information is not reliable: Input isn’t validated, information is duplicated in different places and you don’t have a record of changes.
  • Searching is inefficient: Information is spread across a mass of emails, documents, paper notes and task lists
  • Training staff is time-consuming: Procedures are not automated and simple to follow
  • You are not meeting the requirements of ISO9001: You don’t have reliable process records, an audit trail or a controlled method for rolling-out changes to procedures

What we do

We solve these problems by developing a tailored database application, accessed through web browsers from anywhere in the world.

  • Exactly the functionality you need, no more and no less
  • No ongoing licence fees
  • We provide you with the source code so you can see how it works and change anything

We work closely with you to automate the flow of existing processes such as sales ordering and customer service. By taking the time to understand what staff are doing, why and how, we introduce invaluable business process improvements that eliminate unnecessary work and project a professional image.

Industry Standards

These days customers often demand that you meet quality standards by following well-defined, auditable procedures and processes and producing professional certification. Your bespoke application’s process control and audit trail will help ensure you meet ISO 9000 Quality Managment Standards.

We have recently developed a Manufacturing application to capture engineering test data then generate professional PDF test certification for BSEN 10204 Test Certificates for Stainless Steel Products

Enterprise-grade Multi-company Support

We provide sophisticated multi-company, multi-time-zone support if and when you need it:

  • Choose your level of integration: e.g. One customer database but separate sales orders for each business
  • Each user can be granted access to one or many companies in the organisation and can instantly switch between them without logging out
  • Each user has a “log-in” company they see by default
  • Time-zone settings ensure display of on-screen dates and times in the user’s local time-zone

The Cloud or your office server? the choice is yours

We can install you new application on your existing office server or an externally hosted web server (often referred  to as “The Cloud”). It runs on either without modification.

  • Cloud more suitable where you do not want to manage your own server or your staff are not office-based.
  • Office server more suitable where most of your staff are office-based and you already have a server network.

Be assured that our best-practice security and user access restrictions will protect your data at all times.

Ditch the messy, unstructured Excel spreadsheets, Word docs and Access databases

We move your valuable data from legacy documents and databases into one central, efficient database and remove duplications.

We seamlessly integrate with your existing software and web services

Because we understand that you need to keep some packages such as your accounts system, we make sure our software talks to them.

We also connect with web services such as PayPal and ParcelForce to provide “one-click” operations from your new system.

Can Sage and other off-the shelf software be customised?

Don’t be taken in by sales people who promise to “customise” it for you. It is actually superficial tinkering at the edges of an unchangeable core product. They charge extortionate fees for making minor cosmetic changes such as hiding & moving form fields and formatting sales invoices.

Proprietary software controls your business

You can only hope that the next version includes features and fixes you urgently need but doesn’t remove features your business depends upon.

The software vendor can increase the licence fee at any time so you might find yourself having to pay much more than you expected in the future.

That’s not all…

  • Customer service is  readily enhanced by giving clients access to an internet customer “portal”
  • Training costs are negligible because your staff already know how to use a web browser
  • Our code will never become obsolete or hard to maintain because it is based upon popular and well-supported web standards
  • We provide you with the source code allowing you to alter or extend it
  • Industry-standard, Zend Framework PHP software is used extensively
  • Staff are always using the latest version of the software because new features are instantly available to everyone

Our expert experience counts

Based in Brighton, East Sussex, we have twenty-three years commercial programming experience including twelve years developing web applications using the excellent PHP, MySQL andApache software tools.

Ask our clients about us

Arrange an initial meeting at your offices or a live demonstration at one of our client sites and find out how much money they have saved. Contact us  to find out how your business will benefit.