Aqualeader Field Service System Phase 2 Delivered

We have delivered the final phase of Aqualeader’s new Field Service Management system. It allows them to easily manage the point-of-use water coolers and boilers they supply to customers.

New in phase 2: Visits and Jobs may be generated, scheduled and assigned to operatives.

Aqualeader website

Business benefits

  • Capacity to expand though increased efficiency
  • Improved communication with customers and operatives through automated emails & the web portal
  • Better sales proposition to prospective customers
  • Reduced risk to business by ensuring customer SLAs are met; service visits are always scheduled on time and monitored though to completion


Administrators see an overview of machines that require service jobs and visits that are overdue.

Visits and Jobs

  • Batch-creation of visits and jobs for machines that require servicing
  • Raise call-out and installation visits/jobs
  • Assign appropriate operatives to visits
  • Generate & send visit notification emails to assigned operatives
  • Machine “next service dates” are automatically updated as jobs are marked “complete”

Client Portal

Customers can log in to see their machines and raise call-out repairs. Access Control ensures customer contacts only see machines at sites they look after.

Operative Portal

Operatives can log in to see what visits and jobs are due and update status’ therein. Access Control ensures operatives only see their assigned customer sites.

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