Aqualeader Can See Client Sites On A Google Map

We have integrated Aqualeader’s new Operations System with Google Maps so they can see where their customer’s water coolers are located. Our solution has, once again far exceeded our client’s expectations.

Their Problem

Aqualeader couldn’t readily see up-to-date information about where client sites and coolers were located.

When we were asked us to embed a static map into the system, we pointed out that it would rapidly become out-of-date because it could not be automatically updated as information in the database changed. Instead, we proposed a dynamically generated map that would provide an alternative, map view of their existing records.

Our Dynamic Solution

Our deep Google Maps integration works by automatically converting postcodes into latitudes & longitudes that are rendered as map markers. Aqualeader can adjust search filters so that powerful, visual reports are instantly displayed. e.g.

  • Only machines of a certain machine model
  • Only machines covered by a certain service operative
  • Only machines that are due to be serviced in the next 30 days

The following screen-shot does not disclose client data


By applying creative thinking and enthusiasm to your business problems, we provide a superior bespoke service.

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