Automated backup verification saves CNC 10 hours per week


CNC ltd were spending ten hours per week manually verifying that their “managed service” client’s backups were up-to-date. Problems were often overlooked with potentially disastrous consequences should a restore be required.


The author of the backup software used does not provide an automated verification process and so CNC were reliant upon staff to open backup folders then visually check that image files were up-to-date.


Sweet Code developed a completely automated verification process that ensures backup problems are identified and addressed rapidly.

  • Integrates with the existing back-office records to obtain information needed to verify backups such as backup folder locations
  • Fires off emails to managers if the configuration information from the back-office is incomplete
  • Raises a Service Request against the customer in CNC’s Service Request system if backup images are out-of-date

Business Benefits

  • Ten hours work per week saved
  • Problems with client backups are reliably identified and notified
  • Integrates seamlessly with CNC’s existing back-office client database and Service Request work-flow


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