Automated backup verification saves CNC 10 hours per week


CNC ltd were spending ten hours per week manually verifying that their “managed service” client’s backups were up-to-date. Problems were often overlooked with potentially disastrous consequences should a restore be required.


The author of the backup software used does not provide an automated verification process and so CNC were reliant upon staff to open backup folders then visually check that image files were up-to-date.


Sweet Code developed a completely automated verification process that ensures backup problems are identified and addressed rapidly.

  • Integrates with the existing back-office records to obtain information needed to verify backups such as backup folder locations
  • Fires off emails to managers if the configuration information from the back-office is incomplete
  • Raises a Service Request against the customer in CNC’s Service Request system if backup images are out-of-date

Business Benefits

  • Ten hours work per week saved
  • Problems with client backups are reliably identified and notified
  • Integrates seamlessly with CNC’s existing back-office client database and Service Request work-flow


Drupal Security Breach

Up to twelve million websites using Drupal 7 may have been attacked through a serious security hole.

Drupal 7 sites must be patched immediately but even so, hacked sites may have been compromised so that hackers will still be able to gain control of them.

Sweet Code do not use Drupal 7 for development and so our clients have not been exposed.

Paypal integration boosts sales and decreases costs

Our integration of Paypal Express Checkout and Website Payments Pro for our client will both increase sales and decrease card-processing costs.

Paypal Express Checkout

Their Problems

Paypal account holders still had to go though the process of manually registering their name and address details with Tool-NET even though they have previously recorded all this information with Paypal. This may have put some people off completing the ordering process.

Tool-NET’s previous card processing supplier was very expensive and switching to Paypal Website Payments Pro would save many thousands of pounds a month in transaction fees.

Our Solution

The Tool-NET basket now has a “Checkout with Paypal” button that takes the customer straight to the Paypal Express Checkout where they log in to Paypal then quickly complete the purchase without having to manually register with Tool-NET. All the Tool-NET order details are displayed for confirmation.  They can select from any previously saved payment method such as a credit card. In addition, we have made Paypal Website Payments Pro the default card processing method ( customers do not have to sign up with Paypal to use this), saving Tool-NET tens of thousands of pounds per year in transaction processing fees (when compared to SagePay).

Reduce costs and make life easier for users with bespoke software from Sweet Code

A whopping 81.7% of web sites now use PHP

2013 was a certainly a landmark year for PHP. See the latest usage statistics.

Sweet Code founder, Karim Ahmed instantly recognised the potential of the nascent PHP v3 in 1998, understanding that a reliable, easy to use language focused on web development could revolutionise software service delivery.

Karim launched Sweet Code in 2002 having realised the bright future of web application development on the Open Source stack of Apache, PHP and MySQL. How right we were!

Your bespoke Sweet Code software will never become difficult to maintain or to find support for and the underlying technologies are free of charge (unlike Microsoft) and under constant development and improvement.

Aqualeader Field Service System Phase 2 Delivered

We have delivered the final phase of Aqualeader’s new Field Service Management system. It allows them to easily manage the point-of-use water coolers and boilers they supply to customers.

New in phase 2: Visits and Jobs may be generated, scheduled and assigned to operatives.

Aqualeader website

Business benefits

  • Capacity to expand though increased efficiency
  • Improved communication with customers and operatives through automated emails & the web portal
  • Better sales proposition to prospective customers
  • Reduced risk to business by ensuring customer SLAs are met; service visits are always scheduled on time and monitored though to completion


Administrators see an overview of machines that require service jobs and visits that are overdue.

Visits and Jobs

  • Batch-creation of visits and jobs for machines that require servicing
  • Raise call-out and installation visits/jobs
  • Assign appropriate operatives to visits
  • Generate & send visit notification emails to assigned operatives
  • Machine “next service dates” are automatically updated as jobs are marked “complete”

Client Portal

Customers can log in to see their machines and raise call-out repairs. Access Control ensures customer contacts only see machines at sites they look after.

Operative Portal

Operatives can log in to see what visits and jobs are due and update status’ therein. Access Control ensures operatives only see their assigned customer sites.

Carville Switchgear’s system saves them 2 months work per year

Read our glowing testimonial from Carville Switchgear.

Since Sweet Code developed our new Purchase Ordering a year ago we have realised the following business benefits:

  •  Around 5 man-hours per week have been saved over using our old manual PO system
  •  Repeat POs are easy to generate using the “copy” feature to duplicate an existing PO
  •  Using the new online system means we no longer require a fax machine

 The work carried out by Karim Ahmed at Sweet Code was delivered on time and to a very high professional standard.

 I would have no hesitation in using Karim again or indeed recommending his work to others.

Mike Radlett, Quality & Environmental Manager, Carville Switchgear Ltd.

Analysis for Richter International, Germany

We soon travel to Richter International in Germany to analyse key aspects of their manufacturing operations. We hope this will lead to a project to help automate their business processes.

Richter manufacture corrosion-resistant Process Pumps, Shut-off, Control and Safety Valves.

They are a business within IDEX Corporation, an existing client.



Aqualeader Can See Client Sites On A Google Map

We have integrated Aqualeader’s new Operations System with Google Maps so they can see where their customer’s water coolers are located. Our solution has, once again far exceeded our client’s expectations.

Their Problem

Aqualeader couldn’t readily see up-to-date information about where client sites and coolers were located.

When we were asked us to embed a static map into the system, we pointed out that it would rapidly become out-of-date because it could not be automatically updated as information in the database changed. Instead, we proposed a dynamically generated map that would provide an alternative, map view of their existing records.

Our Dynamic Solution

Our deep Google Maps integration works by automatically converting postcodes into latitudes & longitudes that are rendered as map markers. Aqualeader can adjust search filters so that powerful, visual reports are instantly displayed. e.g.

  • Only machines of a certain machine model
  • Only machines covered by a certain service operative
  • Only machines that are due to be serviced in the next 30 days

The following screen-shot does not disclose client data


By applying creative thinking and enthusiasm to your business problems, we provide a superior bespoke service.

Automatic Creation of UKMail Consignments for Tool-NET

We have dramatically reduced the time it takes our client to generate UKMail consignments; 95% of consignments are dispatched using this carrier.UK Mail website

Their Problem

It was taking a long time to generate UKMail consignments as Tool-NET were creating each one by manually in typing name and address details.

Our Solution

A seamless integration with the UKMail SOAP server so that consignments are now automatically generated from Tool-NET’s back-office with a single click.

Contact us to find out how we can save your business money by automating repetitive tasks.



Aqualeader Operations System Delivered

Aqualeader are delighted with the new system we createdAqualeader website

“We asked Karim to create a bespoke piece of software to enable us to keep track of the servicing of our water coolers in a  more efficient, less time consuming manner, than our current programme.  We have received phase 1 of the software today and it is on-brief, clear and concise.  The understanding that Karim has of our business needs is outstanding and so far the software has far exceeded my expectations.”

Laura Reardon (Managing Director, Aqualeader)

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