Carville Switchgear Ltd Bespoke PO System Live

We are very proud to announce that Carville’s browser-based Purchase Ordering system is about to go live.

Key features

Accessed from any web browser, on any device, from anywhere in the world.

Archive of sent orders: Sent messages and their attachments are stored in the database against PO numbers and appear in a time-stamped list on the Purchase Order page. Clicking an attachment icons displays the PDF order as it appeared on the email.

In place editing: Click on any purchase order line value to instantly start editing.

Instant repeat ordering: One-click duplicates an existing order

Generates PDF purchase orders: From easy to read and maintain HTML/CSS templating system. No programming necessary.

Comprehensive user access control with granular, role-based permissions.

Sophisticated email queue control to monitor email sending status: retrying if there are send errors.

Live email queue notification: Queue status is “pushed” to the PO page in real-time without the user refreshing; Uses the AJAX technique to keep the web page connected to the server.


Carville are delighted as they will save thousands of pounds every year by rapidly generating and sending standard, professional orders in a fraction of the time that it once took.

Sweet Code looks forward to helping Carville further by automating their remaining systems.

Your business could be saving money with a bespoke application from us. Get in touch now.

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