Case Study: Pump Manufacturing System

Our client is part of a global company that manufactures fluid pumps for the beverage, pharmaceutical, chemical, food, & personal care industries.

Sweet Code were commissioned to develop a new computer system that automates our client’s business processes & generates professional, watermarked test certificates for standards including:


  • Test certificate production is a rapidly growing and profitable business but the existing, hand written documents were inefficient to produce and did not convey a professional image
  • Materials conformance certificates from suppliers as email attachments were manually saved into a folder on the server. The only way to search for one was via the file name
  • Test data and part identification numbers were handwritten by engineers in the workshop & were difficult to keep track of & read
  • Matching supplier materials conformance certificates to pumps was time-consuming because of the use of paper forms & storage of materials conformance certificates in a server directory
  • Our client was overly reliant on expert staff members to perform key procedures such as the above matching process
  • The sales ordering system was not integrated with workshop operations


  • Create professional PDF certificate packs of test certificates and supplier conformance certificates ready to ship with order
  • Integration with the sales order system to extract data and automatically create sales order, customer, pump and test records in the new database
  • Automatic processing of incoming emails to download supplier materials conformance certificates into the new database
  • Provide engineers with test input screens to complete the required in-process and tests
  • Show the status of all orders in the system
  • Allow searching of the database by any key field
  • Automatically match parts to supplier materials conformance certificates using identification numbers entered by engineers
  • Provide test certificate templates as HTML markup files to allow simple maintenance by the client
  • Control access to the system using usernames and passwords and access control levels


  • Savings on staff costs through process automation
  • Test conformance certificates are now professionally presented
  • Staff experience greater job satisfaction


Our client is so impressed that we have been asked to develop similar systems for their businesses in the USA, China and Germany.

We will also be working with our client to automate many other business process in 2013 and continue to provide support.