Our ethical standards give us pride in the business and we hope they give clients confidence in us.

Client Freedom and Autonomy

  • No fee is required to continue using the software you paid for
  • You may use the software as you choose to
  • You may modify the source code to change the way it works
  • There are no artificial limits such as a maximum number of users

There is only one restriction: We ask that you don’t redistribute original or modified copies of our software to third parties as we believe this could have an adverse affect on our business.

Honesty and Transparency

  • You can verify how our software works internally by inspecting the source code
  • We describe in advance the work we will be performing and include estimates of time and cost
  • Time spent is logged on time-sheets that support invoices
  • We make UK corporation tax payments to HMRC without artificially reducing the bill by exploiting loop-holes in tax law


Because we operate efficiently, you can rely on us not to go bust and leave you in the lurch. We have:

  • Made an annual profit in every year since our launch in 2002
  • Never borrowed money or had any creditors


  • Your valuable business information is treated with care and we never divulge data or information to third parties
  • Best practice software security techniques to guard your application and database against unauthorised access.

Supply Chain

Customers, suppliers and staff are vetted to ensure their ethics are in line with our own.

Low Carbon

  • There are no carbon emissions from commuting as Sweet Code staff work from home
  • We occasionally purchase high-quality computer hardware that lasts for many years
  • We refill laser printer toner cartridges instead of disposing of them
  • Heating and power usage is efficiently combined with existing home usage
  • We only travel to clients when necessary, preferring to use video-conferencing


We bank with the Co-operative Bank which operates an ethical investment policy